Review & Sharing the Impact of Foundation Course “Human Values & Professional Ethics” and its Implementation at AKTU Formerly know UPTU 11&12 Oct, 2015

A much needed foundation course on Human Value & Professional Ethics was introduced into the core curriculum at AKTU (Formerly known UPTU) in the year 2009. One of the primary tasks of a university is to develop good human beings who are competent professionally. With such objective the university has put its numerous efforts step by step to deal with unethical practices and approaches adopted and followed by industries across India and the globe.
The two-day sharing and work-shop sessions was held in the presence of hon’ble vice chancellor, Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak, head of various selected institutions and distinguished faculty members from institutes across entire Uttar Pradesh to emphasis on the need of this course after gathering reviews from those teachers who had already been teaching this subject in any semester of any course. Also it aimed to ensure the teachers who will take this course will be required to have a proper feel of the need, guidelines, content and process of value education.