As per the directives of Hon’ble supreme court of India (Judgment and order in response to writ petition no. 30845/2003 of High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam) following committee is constituted under the guidance of the undersigned to prevent any activity relating to ragging.
1. Dr Banarasi Singh Yadav (Head)  Mob. No. 9450488010
2. Ankur Shukla (Member) Mob. No. 09919596580
3. Puneet Tikka (Member) Mob. No. 09336924942
4. Shiv Darshan (Member) Mob. No. 09455308103
5. Madan Kushwaha (Member) Mob. No. 09919255334
6. Ankur Kumar Sahu (Member) Mob. No. 09455302220
7. Priyanaka Goswami (Member)  Mob. No. 08303798069
If any activity relating to ragging is witnessed or faced by any of the students, then they must call either member of The Anti-Ragging Committee mentioned above. In Case students do not find it convenient to approach the members of the committee they can even approach the undersigned directly. Also a ragging complaint/suggestion box has been kept in front of Reception. Students may drop in their complaint in the above said box. The committee members are advised to be vigilant enough in the premises to curb or put a check over any activity related to ragging.

(Prof. Dr. S. K. Agrawal)


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