Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IIT Bombay on – Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning Introduction

IIT Bombay has been involved with distance synchronous education, since year 2000. All training workshops so far, were on specific subjects of Engineering and Science Education, most of which are taught as core courses in colleges and universities. The participating faculty has benefitted from these programs.
Online educational methodology, and flipped-classrooms with associated pedagogy of active learning, has quickly emerged as the mainstay of effective education in this century. However, most of our teachers lack skills and competencies for proper and effective use of ICT in education. It is thus an urgent national requirement that all our teachers, at least those teaching in our professional colleges, are empowered to use technology effectively, to enhance the quality of education
To meet this requirement, IIT Bombay has specially designed a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning “. This FDP is designed as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), with some face-to-face sessions at Remote Centres. It will be conducted beginning from 2 May 2016. Completion Certificates will be awarded by IIT Bombay to those participants, who successfully complete all online assessments, meaningfully participate in face-to-face sessions, and submit the prescribed team – assignment.

Teaching Faculty

Prof. Deepak B. Phatak, Dept. of CSE, IIT Bombay
Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Dept. of CSE, IIT Bombay
Prof. Uday N. Gaitonde, Dept. of ME, IIT Bombay
Prof. Sahana Murthy, Dept of ET, IIT Bombay

Course Content Modules

1. Devices for Information Capture, Storage, and Display

2. The World of Internet and Web

3. Evolution and Spread of ICT in Education.

4. Using ICT for Effective Educational Communication

5. Online Courses

6. Blended/Hybrid Education

7. Adopting Online/Blended Education in Teaching-Learning Process

8. Building and Nurturing Collaborative Communities