Anti Ragging

As per the AICTE Regulations dated 01.07.2009 UGC Regulations dated 17.06.2009 and Directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India “Ragging” in anyway is banned. Ragging constitutes one or more of any of the following Acts with or without any intention by any Student or Group of Students:

Punishment for Ragging

Any student or Group of Students found guilty of “Ragging” in the Campus or Hostels or College Buses or even outside the Campus shall be liable for one or more of the following Punishment:
The following committees are constituted for prevention of “Ragging”

1. Anti-Ragging Committee:

It shall be the duty of Anti Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of these Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging, and also to monitor and oversee the performance of Anti-Ragging Squad/ Proctorial Board in prevention of Ragging in the Institution.

2. Anti-Ragging Squad/Proctorial Board:

This committed headed by the Chief Proctor and duty of this committee shall take a regular round in the campus, make surprise raids on hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents and having the potential for Ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.

3. Mentoring Cell:

Institution constituted a Mentoring Cell, consisting of students volunteering to be Mentors for the freshers.